Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 Risks: What Are They?

 As we all know, the risks of Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 are very rear as it is a nonsurgical procedure without anesthesia, it is non-invasive, no cutting, no scars and no downtime should be experienced after the treatment. Due to specific ultrasound parameters of energy levels ensure selective damage to fat cells only and do not interfere with any other organs or area. The heat causes contraction of the collagen fibers to immediately tighten the skin. Then finalized with another circumference measurement. The duration of treatment session normally takes around fifteen to twenty minutes; it depending on the size of the area and the thickness of the fat layer. We can notice results after the first treatment, but more improvement will be noticed within a few days. Six to ten sessions at three days intervals are recommended in order to achieve the best results, but further treatments may be needed to attain your desired figure.


Is Cavitaiton 3.0 Safe?


Many people consider ultrasonic cavitation 3.0 and fat burning to be a risk-free procedure, similar in level to coolsculpting. This is because no incisions are made so the risk for infection is significantly removed. It also doesn’t require anesthesia. It is a pain-free procedure, as well. Some people don’t even really feel anything throughout the procedure. Some may feel a little warmth but that’s it.


According to the Ultrasonic Clinic, Ultrasound Cavitation 3.0 is completely safe and non-intrusive, and there is no pain during the procedure, and therefore there is no need for anesthetics or taking a day off work. They also claim that it doesn’t involve any radiation and that there are no risks. During this procedure, specific ultrasound energy levels are used, due to which only fat cells are damaged, while organs stay intact. Until now, there haven’t been any reports of ultrasound cavitation 3.0 risks, except some mild redness and discomfort which is easily tolerable, an increased need for water (thirst) and nausea, which passes right after you drink some water. All of these side effects pass very quickly.


What you need to do before treatment?

To ignore ultrasound cavitation 3.0 risks, you need to follow the pre-and post-treatment instructions. These include:

No tanning just before the treatment (because then your skin may be damaged and you may experience pain during and after the procedure).

No shower right after the treatment.

Drinking lots of water before and after session (improves the chances of success).

Ultrasound cavitation 3.0 risks may appear on pregnant women or nursing a baby, and not performed on persons under the age of 18, because those persons still have changing hormones and their fat deposits are also unstable, while their body is still growing and developing.

this procedure can be considered effective and safe, but IF and only IF you take care of yourself and your nutrition, if you are moderately physically active, not pregnant or nursing a baby, and are older than 18.


Contraindications For Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0

If you are a healthy adult, you can safely go through the ultrasonic cavitation 3.0 procedure. However, even if it is considered safe for most people, there are still people who shouldn’t go through them. This will depend on the person’s medical history and current situation. 


Those Who Just Had A Tan

The ultrasonic cavitation 3.0 procedure won’t need to cut your skin, but the ultrasound energy needs to penetrate it to reach the fat cells.

It is not advisable for those who just tanned outside or went to a tanning bed. When you have a tan, there is a risk for your skin to be more sensitive due to the UV damage it has received due to tanning. It is possible for your skin to react negatively to the procedure because it is already sensitive. Note that spray tans and self tans don’t cause UV damage.


Those With History Of Kidney Or Liver Failure

People who have a medical history of having kidney failure, liver failure, and heart problems shouldn’t go through the procedure, including with an at-home device. The main reason for this is because ultrasonic cavitation 3.0 puts the lymphatic system and urinary system to work.

With ultrasonic cavitation 3.0, the fats are liquified and would be released from the fat cells. It is now the job of the lymphatic system and urinary system to excrete them from the body.

If you have any problems with those excretory systems, then it could be challenging for the body to remove them. With a healthy body, you’d be able to remove all the toxins and fat without any problem.


Those With Heart Problems

Additionally, people with heart problems or those who have a pacemaker aren’t also advised to undergo the procedure. The fats released due to the procedure can increase the triglycerides in the body and it can have a negative effect on those who already have heart problems.


Those With Fluctuating Hormone Levels

Pregnant or lactating women shouldn’t undergo Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0. Their hormones aren’t stable due to the changes in their body so it is advised to wait after lactation before they go through ultrasonic cavitation 3.0

Similarly, teens aren’t also advised to go through this procedure as their hormone levels are still fluctuating due to puberty. Their bodies are still maturing so it is best to reserve this procedure at a later time. 



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Key Questions To Ask Before Buying Cavitaion 3.0 Machine

 What does cavitation 3.0 actually mean?


Basically, the cavitation 3.0 is the upgraded version of cavitation 2.0. So it has stronger power, better design and faster result from the treatment. The cavitation 3.0 we have is called Cavstorm. CaVstorm using the strong sound wave head that concentrates the strong sound waves, the sound waves with a frequency of 40,000HZ are emitted. After entering the human body, human cells produce an attack effect and movement between fat cells, which can effectively consume energy, consume cell water, and consume cell water Decrease fat cells, and at the same time, when the sound wave divides, CaVstorm causes strong division between cells, cell rupture, and fat cell reduction, so as to achieve the effect of inhibiting fat.


Why caviation 3.0 is better than others

Cavistorm is superior to the previous vacuum working mode which is single and simple. Using different modes for different parts can be more efficient and more effective for slimming and shaping body, and it will never harm human body. Uniquely designed cavitation probe integrate cavitation and vacuum as a whole, in which cavitation and vacuum can exist independently and also are complementary to each other, which can help heat up skin and massage the area to promote metabolism to achieve expected effect more effectively. With more strong power of the ultrasonic transducer, save much working time and improve efficiency of treatment which can help heat up skin and massage the area to promote metabolism to achieve expected effect more effectively. Plus, it is more high-quality and energy-saving handle materials to reduce the loss rate. Both probes have vacuum function. You can flexibly use the probes based on the treatment receiverssituation.


Why it is 40K? Not other K?


Yes, there are 40K, 60K and 80K. These numbers refer to how strongly the machine operates by cycles per second. But the higher number does not mean better. Many people think that an 80k machine is somehow better, but the numbers are not really for competing services. Some peoples bodies will respond better to the 40k than the 80k. So 40K is more suitable to most of the people.


Why cavitation 3.0 is much more expensive than others?


Firstly, the material of the cavitation 3.0 is kinda different than the one we made. We have spent a lot of time to design the cavstorm handle to make it more durable and more beautiful. It combines lots of hard well materials to make sure the handles is stronger and better. Secondly, it needs better parts inside the machine to upgrade the machine into a more powerful one. Thirdly, it is worth to have the cavitation 3.0 machine. You will save more time and energy from the cavstorM. Because you can do a lot of treatments with only one handle. And you will see better result from the cavistorm. It is worth to have a try.



If the cavitation 3.0 is stronger, will it hurt me?


Normally, the power of the cavitation 3.0 is much stronger than the cavitation 2.0. But will it hurt our body or not? Actually, it is simirlar with the cavitation 2.0. And it is definitelly safe to use it. Ultrasonic beauty treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive program without anaesthesia. It relies on ultrasound (mechanical sound wave) - dissolve fat through cavitation - ultrasound focusing. And the results are fat smash - fat dissolving - skin firming and body sculpting respectively. It only targets low-density fat cells but leaves high-density tissue like blood vessels intact, and therefore has no side effects on human body. Slight tinnitus will probably occur during the treatment, which is within normal range. So theres no need to worry about that


Who can not use the cavitation 3.0?


Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Persons showing skinfold lower than 2 cm

Infection or inflammation in the region where the procedure will be done

Individuals with a history of malignancies

People with a cardiac pacemaker or other metal implants

Persons with coagulation disorders or taking medication that affects blood clotting

Individuals with serious medical conditions like diabetes and osteoporosis


Does ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss really work?


Yes, ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss definitely works. Results may vary since not everybody is the same but they are most certainly to appear after 24 hours. In most cases, you should be able to see 1-4 centimeters difference before and after the treatment.


How many sessions do people need?


Most experts recommend getting anywhere between 8 and 12 sessions for optimum results. In the first two weeks, at least four times needed. each session should last 10-15 minutes. Then spaced out every 3 to 4 days. after the first two weeks, you can do it once a week. (highly recommended choosing a cavitation machine with a timer)



Which body areas can I use it on?


Typically, ultrasonic cavitation can use in almost any area of the body, but except for around the eyes, back and near the heart. Focus on one area at a time, the result is better than target multiple areas during the treatment.


What do I feel during and after treatment?


You might experience nausea or feel a warm and a slight tingling sensation in the treated area during the treatment. No worries, it is normal and it means ultrasound is taking effect. And then your body temperature may be up shortly after cavitation treatment. Nothing to worry about, a sign that your body is detoxifying and remove the extra fat.



When will I see results?


The result depends based on the individual and the cavitation machine you are using, and other factors, like age, gender, treated area and weight. Results are most certainly to appear after the second or third treatment, and you can see visible changes after six sessions. And, the best result can be seen after 12 weeks of treatment.



Should I take any precautions during and after the treatment?


- Start with the lowest energy setting, increase the energy gradually according to the client is comfort levels.

- Apply ultrasound gel on the treated area, ultrasound gel acts as a conductor, it helps energy to penetrate deep into your skin.

- Do not take a hot bath or sauna immediately after treatment.

- Do not drink alcohol days following each treatment. alcohol does not benefit your liver detox.

- Do not do cavitation treatment if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from any heart disease, etc.


Does Fat Freezing and Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Work?

 With the popularization of non-surgical body sculpting and the improvement of the technology, people are more or less aware of this body sculpt method, and more and more people tend to choose non-surgical treatments for fat loss and body sculpture. 

One of the important non-surgical treatments is cryolipolysis, also called fat freezing. Similar to liposuction, plastic surgeons and other therapists use fat freezing to target body parts that are difficult to remove fat through diet and exercise. But fat freezing is noninvasive, which means that it does not involve surgery or anesthesia, and therefore has a lower risk than liposuction

Many people may have such questions: Is it the non-surgical body sculpting really effective? Is this technology safe? How much do I need to spend?

 This article will introduce the principles, costs, side effects, considerations of fat freezing and other non-surgical body sculpting treatments.




Fat freezing is scientifically proven and approved by FDA. It is the non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue to induce Fat Dissolve - the breaking down of fat cells - to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues, no damage to the skin or subcutaneous tissue. It is fundamentally different from other non- or minimally invasive modalities. Other methods of fat removal primarily involve necrotic cell death by damaging fat with heat, high-intensity focused ultrasound, or chemical injections. In contrast, the Cool Fat Dissolve operation induces apoptosis only in fat cells to gently and gradually reduce the fat layer while preserving all other tissue. As triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures, It uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues, reduce unwanted fat, When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. And The fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body's normal metabolism process, to eliminate unwanted fat.

In a 2015 study, Chase D. Derrick, evaluated the objective data for 295. The study shows that the mean reduction of subcutaneous tissue was 19.55% with respect to a designated control site. Selective fat freezing can reliably decrease subcutaneous tissue deposits. 


The results of a clinical study on the efficacy of fat freezing, published in the Journal of Beauty Dermatology, reporting that caliper measurements show a 23% reduction in fat layer thickness during 3 months of fat freezing.


Fat freezing is a very safe treatment for most people, and common side effects include skin injury, minor frostbite, or pigment. These side effects usually fade within a few weeks with care. In the study mentioned above, Chase D. Derrick also performed a safety analysis of 1,445 patients reportable data. Twelve patients (0.82%) reported complications with the most common being diminished sensation lasting greater than 4 weeks. In all cases, typical side effects such as erythema, bruises, minor pain, and transient sensory loss were observed, the typical side effects subsided by themselves within 14-30 days.


The treatment is not a panacea, it can not treat obesity. It is not a substitute for liposuction or other invasive treatments. Substantial weight loss should be achieved through a balanced diet and regular exercise, fat freezing cool-sculpturing treatment can only eliminate the extra fat. Breaking aging existing fat cells does not prevent new fat cells from appearing. So why a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining the effect of fat freezing.People who do not exercise or have a healthy diet may see a fat recovery soon.


The Areas Can be Treated


fat freezing cool-sculpturing treatment is designed for those physically healthy people who have local fat deposits, but not suitable for the one with overall obesity. It can target at the fat at a specific part, such as waist, abdomen, butt,  love handles, inner and outer thigh, upper arms, the submental region, the armpit and so on.




The cost of fat freezing treatment are generally in $1000- $4000, but there are many factors affecting price such as area, expert qualifications, fat thickness, treated site etc. It is best to consult with an expert in advance.




The treatment time at each body site is 20-30 minutes (depending on the thickness of the fat and health status). 3. After a treatment about 30 days, take another fat freezing treatment at the same location, which can reduce the excess fat thickness. Such a secondary treatment can consolidate the fat dissolving effect, but multiple treatments are not recommended.


Alternatives to Fat Freezing

There are many alternatives to fat freezing as a method of weight loss, the most important of which is cavitation weight loss. Cavitation is a matured weight loss method that appears and developed for a long time. The latest cavitation weight loss technology has been upgraded to cavitation 3.0.


What is Cavitation 3.0


CaVstorm Cavitation 3.0 can produce up to 40,000HZ ultrasonic wave, which can bring strong impact to adipose cells and make friction occur among them after entering human body and then effectively consume energy and water to shrink those cells. At the same time, those cells will burst due to such destruction. In this way, it can achieve the effect of reducing fat. Tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, namely cavitation vacuums, are produced by vibration of liquid. These bubbles grow in the vacuum region formed by the longitudinal transmission of ultrasound, which will close rapidly in the positive pressure region. Those bubbles are compressed and stretched by alternating positive and negative pressures. When the bubbles burst, there will be huge instantaneous pressure of up to tens of MPa to hundreds of MPa, and some degree of vibration and noise will be produced.


Dose Cavitation 3.0 Really Work


Ultrasonic cavitation is a FDA safety procedure approved. Since the operation is noninvasive, the downtime is not required. The damaged fat cells will not grow back. You will notice your efficacy immediately after the first session. Most people can see the effect they expect after three treatments.

Which method do I choose?


Since both methods are effective for fat reduction, what should we choose fat freezing or cavitation? This actually varies from person to person.There will still be some differences between the two methods besides the principle.


Suitable parts:


Fat Freezing is used for larger areas of fat and Cavitation 3.0 is used to contour small areas of fat, cavitation usually be used when the fat area is too small to be sucked into the fat freezing cups.


Time of one treatment


Fat freezing: 20-40 minutes

Cavitation 3.0: 40-60 minutes


Treatment interval time


It takes at least 20-25 days apart for each fat freezing treatment.

Cavitation 3.0 treatment can be performed 2-3 times a week.


Additional tips:


If you want to matter to your skin, then cavitation 3.0 is an ideal choice, cavitation 3.0 can be used simultaneously with rf, tightening the skin while blasting the fat.


The weight loss effect of the two methods may also vary from person to person. You can choose the treatment method according to their own experience and their preference for cold or heat.


Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 Risks: What Are They?

  As we all know, the risks  of Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0  are very rear as it is a nonsurgical procedure without anesthesia, it is non-inva...